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10,000 Hours

ProfileLuo & Suno

pop rock upbeat acoustic

March 24, 2024 at 4:42 AM


[Verse] Sittin' on my porch with my old guitar in hand Strummin' out some chords, tryna make a stand But the road to greatness, I've come to understand Takes more than just a few strums, it's a lifelong brand [Verse 2] Ten thousand hours, that's what they all say Dedicated practice, day after day But I won't let it break me, no, I won't sway Gonna keep on pushin', gonna find my own way [Chorus] It's the journey to mastery, the path that we take Gotta put in the hours, make no mistake With every note we play, with every move we make We're catchin' that rhythm, we're makin' it shake [Chorus] Ten thousand hours, in the heat and the rain. Through the joy and the sorrow, through the love and the pain. With every strum, every chord I play. I'm gettin' closer, I'm on my way. [Verse 3] Sometimes I stumble, sometimes I fall But I pick up my guitar, stand up tall 'Cause ten thousand hours, they answer the call Of a master in the making, breaking down the wall [Bridge] Oh, the journey's long, and the road is winding But with ten thousand hours, I'm finding That every sunrise, every setting sun Is another step closer, another battle won [Chorus] Ten thousand hours, in the sun and the snow Through the highs and the lows, through the fast and the slow With every beat, every rhythm, every lyric I sow I'm getting stronger, yeah, I'm ready to show [Outro]