By Mikey Shulman

July 1, 2024

Introducing Suno for Mobile: Find Musical Inspiration from your Every Day

We're excited to launch our first mobile app and be in your pocket wherever inspiration should strike

Today we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Suno mobile app. At Suno, we're on a mission to build a future where everyone can make and share music. We prize originality, both in how we build our product and in how people use it. We’re excited that for the first time ever, these joys can be experienced from your phone!

With version one of our mobile app, you can explore new musical experiences wherever you go. You can: 

🎵 Make songs from text (lyrics and descriptions)

🎤 Record audio with your phone and turn it into a song

👂 Listen to and curate music you love from other creators 

Twelve million people so far have used Suno for self-expression, connecting, teaching, and fun. Suno is built for new music, new uses, and new musicians. We’re excited to be in your pocket whenever the moment strikes, and to provide a rich set of tools for capturing it. We’re starting with iOS in the US for now, but stay tuned for Android, a global rollout, and a lot of fun updates soon. We can’t wait to see where inspiration comes from and what the community makes and shares, so go check out the app.

🎵 Stay tuned


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