By Mikey Shulman

June 12, 2024

Audio Inputs

Make a song from any sound

We are excited to release our Audio Input feature, where you can make a song from any sound! All Pro & Premier users can now upload or record their own audio to make any song you can dream of. We’ve seen amazing engagement from our community on the ability to supply your own audio introductions to Suno songs. Creators are setting vibes, tempos, instruments, and finding inspiration from all sources in their lives - from street sounds to jam sessions.  We are delighted and humbled by the ideas from the community and the songs from our alpha testers, and we can’t wait to see what comes next. 

How to Use

1 - Navigate to the “Library” or “Create” page and click “Upload Audio”.

2 - You can record audio OR upload an audio/video clip. Clips should be between 6 - 60 seconds in length.

3 - Once uploaded, choose “Extend” from the uploaded clip. Set a timestamp to extend from, provide a genre, and include your own lyrics if you'd like.

How To: Audio Input

Social Media

Tag us in your content: #sunoaudioinput and @suno_ai_ on X & Instagram, and at @sunomusic on TikTok. Thank you, as always, for including us in your creative process.

VOL-0: Drum anywhere with pens, but make it groovy

VOL-1: A watering can, but make it psychedelic rock

VOL-2: Classical piano, and bring in some French accordion

<p>VOL-3: Humming a tune, but give it an <a href="" title="Test" target="_blank" rel="noopener">R&amp;B vibe</a></p>

At Suno, we envision a future where music is a much larger part of people’s lives. Everyone is inspired by their favorite music, their friends, and the sounds from their everyday, and we believe we can enjoy our craft while still respecting the works, names, and likenesses of those around us. We’ve been hard at work making sure our new features are used responsibly - copyrighted works will be blocked from audio upload, and all inputs with vocals will remain private and unsearchable. 

We’re working on some exciting new features, and ways to deliver them responsibly.

Stay tuned!
Team Suno

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